Digital Design and Creative Concepts
Open for freelance projects in projectmanagement,
strategic planning, creative direction & design.
the world is in motion, and static things are for physics students, that like to describe the world formular, aiming at that it seems to be easier to look at things when they´re not moving. but i love things that move. thats why i love animation design, mix CGI and real world together, and capture watchers in their natural element. an three dimensional, moving enviroment.
throw your projects at me, i´ll do it!
Video / Post / FX
everybody has a story to tell. what´s your´s...?
after years (when VHS was still battling BETA2000) i came back to the video front. with my partners at twinpictures we script, storyboard, design, shoot, post and fx digital video for the web. for viral ad campains, e-learning projects, and of course, for fun.
using the awesome final cut studio and shake (since the powerfull eye-on fusion i used for a while is not available for mac) the workflow is seemlessly and costs are "low" in the production segment. ideas, as valuable they are, still are unfortunatly expensive. but it pays, trust us.
design is the keyword, allthough i can do handcoding (i don´t use weavers and do not believe in front pages), i totally focus on the concept, layout, look & feel. i do screendesign and flash since 1998, and till today i work close with coding guys in dallas./texas, hambug./germany, zuerich./switzerland. for years i have designed and project managed small and large site developments.

the main reason to focus strict on the design part is to hold the level of excellence, instead of limiting, even subconsiously, my design work to what i can set to code and make it work. that i leave to the amazing guys i cooperate with, who know their shit.
allthough i have mainly worked in the web- and online branch, i did a lot of CI jobs and redesigns. it is allways a fun, yet challenging job, to give a company a complete look and feel, a face and an image. and i find great plaesure in moving that one pixel arround to polish it perfect, or work a week on a single character, just to have that logo somehow with a twist, that makes it special.
Type and Print
i do love paper, and type on paper. in the days of online-print companies with their standart papers and products, it is really great to work for clients, who want that special paper, that just feels so good between your fingers, that reflects the colors so bright. and the joy, when your fingers run over that imprinted logo on your new business card - those are moments, that make me feel great.
Interior Design
i came from architectural design, and still have a habit for good architecture. mostly i do work for shop concepts and offices, but every now and then i design a nice kitchen or a living room.