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Favourite Books
the bible ./ moses et al.
simply an awesome book. especially the fact, that hell is not even mentioned in there. hell is for once a state of life, not afterlife, beneath a long list of other things. but never a place where anyone will go post mortem.

faust ./ j.w. goethe
in my opinion the greatest work in german poetry, vast and rich in excellent language and ideas.

il pendolo di foucault ./ umberto eco
an amazing writer that eco is, often strange, sometimes weird, but so well educated, which makes it sometimes hard to follow. but every page is worth the effort.

les particules élémentaires ./ michel houellebecq
beside the scientific well researched background, houellebecq is in all his stories a master of building up characters, setting them up in hopelessness, giving them a little shiny light in the darkness, only to destroy their world again. like he calls it, life is a series of not nondestructive tests.

let mots ./ jean-paul sartre
his most personal work i do believe, even though i am not a philosopher. but the idea that one can read so much, eat, drink, breath words, that the conclusion comes close at hand, that the world exists because words are there to describe it, and not vice versa is a stunning, yet crazy idea.

il principe ./ niccoló machiavelli
still a standart book in the ivy league machines for top managers, it has a lot of inspiring ideas for everyone doing business. even for designers, that have to deal with complicated clients...

the emperor´s new mind - concerning computers, minds and the law of physics ./ roger penrose
one of the hardest nuts to crack in my reading history. even though first published in 1989, science has not made gigantic steps in solving the riddles of the human brain and development of AI. which i don´t blame them for, since intelligence is not a bandwidth between the hill billy idiot and einstein, but between a stone and god. an long way to go...

99 francs ./ frederic beigbeder
the most cheering book about advertising i read so far. his flow is fast and harsh, dirty, funny, great. beigbeder describes the life of our first world generation in europe, like douglas coupland touched the hearts of the cubicle microserf in the usa.

for whom the bells tall ./ ernest hemmingway
clear, straight, down to the point, and still wonderfull. the perfect book for a summer trip to spain.

Favourite Music
aenima ./ tool
tool are one of the rare_rare bands, that have what we artsy fartsy advertising guys call a usp (unique sales proposition). whenever someone reccomends a new band to me, i ask them what they sound like. no band sounds like tool, an tool does not sound like anyone else. well, yes, the lyrics are very strange, yet sick, but that´s poetry. i don´t know what or if maynard keenan wants to tell, and it does not matter to me. i do not blame ludwig van beethoven for shity lyrics like "...freude schöner götterfunke, tochter des elysium,...". its just good, outstanding music. so enjoy it.

parzifal ./ richard wagner
five hours of greatness. but wagner takes his time, to develop his scenes, get the story told. but if you need a mind vacation, that gives you some relief after a hard work week, that is what i reccomend. goes best with a pinot noir or a saint emillion grand cru.

pretty hate machine ./ nine inch nails
reznor at his best, full of passion and the cradle of the good old industrial revelution.

die englischen suiten ./ johann sebastian bach
aahh, what a pleasure! so cheering up, so lovely and soft. the best recording i have is by a dutch ensemble called la petite bande. they use original, contemporary instruments of that time, to give it that authentic polish.

portishead ./ portishead
beth gibbons has the voice of an drunken angel, smoking a pack of cigarettes and drinking a full bottle of red wine on stage during live shows. i highly recommend the live recordings as well.

an american prayer ./ jim morrison, the doors
while i can listen to every doors album, this one stunns me with morrisons hazy, confusing spoken poetry in between.

complete works ./ gustav maler
conducted by bernstein, an awesome collection. i listen to maler alot when working on projects that leave you with the feeling after some sleepness nights, that somebody has placed your brain in a blender and set it to III.