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What the hell?
welcome aboard and thanks for swinging by. in this portfolio i show case the areas of my expertise, including, but not limited to, design for digital media and classic ci, advertising and some interior design for pos, office and simply beautifull living. i am allways open for interesting new projects, especially motion design and digital video.
so look arround and write me an email if i can do projects for and/or with you.


10 years die zwillinge
Video for die zwillinge, advertising agency. Promo for the 10th anniversary.
Find more on Vimeo here:
where is Hell videos
choice fruit - fashion brand rep.
for my friend julia i did this lil lovely site, choice fruit has just started up. choice fruit does international fashion brand representation for clothing and
featured on smashing mag again
"it is impossible to everything" horaz.
i contributed like last month to the wallpaper calender entry on smashing magazine again and got featured. thank you smashing mag, for supporting my work and all you others just enjoy all the beautiful work designers from all over the world published there once more. go to for all entries and a lot more really amazing stuff about design, tech, coding and gadgets.
Mobile Homes "LACET"
for this dutch company i am relaunching the website, which was pretty outdated. their products are high priced and exclusive, their main target are, well not to say the word elderly, but mature people, so in used a visual language underlining this message in the photos. next project for them is a video about the production, from cutting the to setting the last screw. will post it when ready, too.
RM2 kozijnen
another dutch company, selling and installing, rooftops, windows, doors, sun screens etc. they wanted something fresh, making their CI very distant to the commonly used colors and logos in their field. normally, clients allways ask for something fresh, new, innovative and original, but they are too afraid to use, so you get back to they did before with a lil polish... - well those guys are not afraid. more advertising will follow and be posted.
Car sticker
just playing arround on one of these rare lazy sundays, i decided to make myself a nice swiss car sticker, to get a lil of that feel at home flavour. and for those who wonder, confederatio helvetica is the latin official name for switzerland, thats why you might have noticed (and wondered as well) that swiss cars have CH as their country ID sticker. I am pretty happy with the sticker, but i tried another, more sexy idea as well. if you want the AI files to use and play arround, drop me a mail, the world is open source.
Open window
entry for the calender wallpaper on smashingmagazine. "theres allways an open window" - the idea came to me when i was sitting on a project, and it wouldn´t work out like i wanted it to. so i just got up, and saw a flock of birds through my open window.i took my time watching them disappear and spended some time on my balcony outside, just to get my head clear and fresh. whatever there is, there´s allways an open window to get out.

for all wallpapers look up smashingmagazine
Office interior
for a dutch client i did this nice 3D wall, approx 1,5 x 4,0 m in dimension. the complete relief was done in PVC foam material, the depth of the charackters differ, so the individual words recieve different lightning and throw interesting shadows. it describes the services of the company, while the orange characters build the company´s name.
at twinpictures, we did a video flash game. schattensprache is an interactive exhibition, where visitors can experience the world of deaf and dumb people. to have a version online and on dvd, we implemented these videos into a multilingual flash game.
play arround you can here:
enjoy! :)
Teeth implants
for ossa-dent we did CGI renders in blender for their teeth implant products. all modelling had to be done either from hand draftet sketches or printed CAD drafts. was a pretty fun job and the renders turned out pretty well. hard part was to the exact windings of the screws, not that really mattered for the images, but we wnated them a 100% like the real things.
Frauenarzt Daniel
i did the complete relaunch for a gynaecologist, business cards, folders, letterhead and the website, including all the photography. like often with clients that desperatly want a website, because everybody has one, there isn´t really a lot of content to show. women (his focused target group) do know pretty well what services a gynaecologist has to offer, so i recomended to focus on the specialties he does, beside the common stuff and give it a warm personal touch by detailed introduction on his team.
ANGELS JEANS Shop-in-Shop concept
catalog for ANGELS JEANS shop-in-shop concept, for inter-partner GmbH, who´s building the parts and pieces, furniture and design elements. the CAD draftings where provided, and just colored and cleaned in illutrator.